Where is my mind – Yoav & Emily Browning (Full Version)

Here’s the full version of Where is My Mind from Sucker Punch OST.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Where is my mind – Yoav & Emily Browning (Full Version)

  1. but she escaped anyways, the lobotomy was her escape so we can say she went to a calm and safer place, sweet pea was the only one able to make it out there, it is true, It was sweet pea’s story, Baby doll was this angel that sweet pea talks about in the beginning, sad sad story

  2. to be honest it was a good and powerful ending, she wouldn’t have much of a nice life even if she escaped, she would live with the guilt of killing her little sister and sweat pea made a good use of it, she got help for baby doll and i admit i cry every single time i watch the movie although i watched it so many times that I can quote it word for word

  3. Sometimes when I listen 2 this song, I cry rivers; movie or not, what happened 2 Baby Doll wasn’t right. I loved the movie (w/ a few exceptions), but I absolutely H8D the ending. I know it’s really naive, but I only believe in happy endings.

  4. im all for making covers and remixes.. go nuts.. but this was just pure rape.. sing some aladin instead of using one of the most badass songs ever.. this < falling skyscrapers in fight club.. meh..

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