Where To Find Mortgage Branch Opportunities Marketing Campaign Launched by Consulting Company AnimCreditCorp.com

(PRWEB) October 14, 2013

The Consulting Website for mortgage professionals AnikimCreditCorp.com recently posted a new page listing the states where direct lenders are looking most to add new branches. The mortgage branch opportunities listed are in order, from lenders most actively looking for candidates, to the least by their banking partners. The newest marketing campaign by the consulting firm is to place this list on the top mortgage related forums in hopes to spread the word about the direct lenders looking to add locations. The company not only looks for top producers to open locations but also helps those existing branches move to mortgage banker or federally chartered bank that may be a better fit for their business. To find out about the net branch opportunities available visit the latest post by the firm here, http://anikimcreditcorp.com/branch-office-openings/

The mortgage industry has been on shaky ground for years now, after the housing crisis in 2007, many in the industry simply went out of business. Since then, there are not many mortgage bankers that have multi-state licenses, or are Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie Mae approved. This new page should be very good news for loan officers looking for mortgage related jobs, or for brokers looking to expand and become a mortgage banker. The new branch locations in each state will also have a need for processors and underwriters for back office support. The new opportunities from the lenders will also include, full staff support, and they will also help in all NMLS licensing requirements, as well as all state requirements. The mortgage bankers will also provide excellent marketing assistance to help branches converting leads into home loans. The full support of the new opportunities will help hundreds of mortgage professionals find a solid career in the home loan business. To find out more about the different net branch opportunities available in the US, or to see if there is a loan officer job available at any of the new locations, contact 877-889-7474.

The new page for the website will also be announcing loan processors and junior loan officer jobs to work with the new branches. The firm is posting the different positions in all the usual places, from finances forums to job posting websites. All candidates must be able to analyze, and pre-qualify applicant information to determine the viability of the client’s desired loan program. By working with the branch managers the loan officers will be giving the guidance and information relevant to the risks and benefits of each loan program that the applicant is qualified for. The loan officer candidates should be able to effectively explain and communicate the terms of each product and ensure all documents necessary are signed by the client. The new mortgage job opportunities being offered will make a huge impact for those searching for employment. These new careers will help many industry professionals earn a good living by offering mortgage banking services to local residents.

A search engine optimization consultant uses the internet to help the company find the top producing account executives. The mortgage firm utilizes Social media websites, video campaigns, and the various mortgage banking forums to help the firm to satisfy the new acquisition of clients for their banking partners. The consulting firm is always actively looking for those looking for mortgage branch opportunities, and partners them with the right bank. The company continues its expansion online and throughout the mortgage community looking for qualified candidates. To learn more about the firm, or the services they provide, contact the company directly and talk directly to an account executive. Interested parties can also head over to one of the companys Facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/NetBranchMortgageCompanies

About the company: AnikimCreditCorp.com was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Former founder of a large lending platform Kevin Leonard from New World Mortgage INC, has many relationships with lenders and brokers throughout the county, and helps place mortgage loan officers with jobs and net branch opportunities. The company also helps connect some of their banker clients with scratch and dent loan buyers to help clear warehouse lines.

Contact: Mason Baxter

Phone: 877-889-7474

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