Wheres My Robot? (BBC Documentary)

Danny Wallace really wants a robot. He wants it to walk like him and talk like him. It’s what scientists have been promising us for generations but it’s a pr…
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12 Responses to Wheres My Robot? (BBC Documentary)

  1. SpartanW98 says:

    Haha it was a joke my bad. Robots are cool!!!

  2. TheVolticIdiot says:

    What!! A robot to fuck? Dude now that’s just wrong, best of getting a girlfriend

  3. Ege Atilla says:

    FYI many of these robots are also mentioned in michio kaku’s physics of the future

  4. TheTimurbest says:


  5. SpartanW98 says:

    Ya a robot that can cook dinner that you can fuck too.

  6. Stalley75 says:

    these robots fucking suck; technology has become boring as everything else, there’s no point in anything any more

  7. jay harmeyer says:

    The “code” for true artificial intelligence has already been written, it’s our DNA. We now need a computer and software powerful enough to take the genetic code of a genius like Newton and simulate his entire birth and growth using the instructions in the DNA. A virtual world most also be created for the virtual Newton to interact with and learn from. We can then attach this simulated brain to a physical robot, and voila you have real AI.

  8. Ege Atilla says:

    24:48, “quantum leap” misused again. Thanks, my penis is flaccid now…

  9. Alrik Scyriel says:

    the documentary must be right there is no honda robot no pet men and absolutely no big dog.

  10. Dave Moffatt says:

    I love how underwhelmed and unimpressed Danny is by the walking robot… “Fell over” indeed !?

  11. vito7pt says:

    get a dog

  12. pufixas says:

    That guy acts like a fucking retard.

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