Which Is the Best SEO Company? – Be Cautious of False Claims

San Diego, California (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

SEOhaus has published it’s latest blog on the teams website offering genuine advice to businesses searching for which is the best SEO company. SEOhaus is a San Diego SEO company that has not only been in the industry for 12 years, but has also expanded, grown and flourished in that time.

In a candid and honest report of one of his own rather recent experiences, Michael Harbron, the groups Sales & Marketing Director reveals that some of the top-ranking SEO firms out there should be taken with a pinch of salt, as he says.

Around 50% of the businesses I speak to have fallen victim to other shady firms, or have been hurt in some way by another agency dropping the ball, he explains. Im all for a great business model that makes a good living, but these websites simply contradict their own merit based system. In the blog, Harbron goes on to explain his findings regarding the methodology used by one SEO evaluation company.

Harbron discusses in his SEO blog an experience he had in 2012 that shed some new light on how some businesses actually achieve their high rankings on the search engines. His goal of putting forth advice to others is achieved as he shares the disappointment of his experience with one particular evaluation firm that claimed to analyze the efforts and techniques of SEO companies, and evaluate backlink structure and popularity, in order to give them rankings.

To read the full article, regarding the top SEO companies, visit http://www.SEOhaus.com/blog.

SEOhaus is an award-winning SEO firm based in California.

With over 600 brands in their roster, they lead the way with clients such as Hilton Hotels, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Call 1-800-605-8913 for more information.

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