Which Windows 8 Laptop has the Longest Battery Life?

Which Windows 8 Laptop has the Longest Battery Life?
Which?, a well-known consumer product testing magazine based in the United Kingdom, recently tested several new models of laptops for their battery life while using Windows 8. The premise was to see if Windows 8 does provide for better battery …
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Windows 8: How to solve the Start Button dilemma
Network World – The top complaint about Windows 8 is that Microsoft got rid of the Start Menu and even the Start Button, and innovators have stepped in to provide a wealth of ways to restore it. The solutions range from plug-ins to full applications …
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Five ways to save Windows 8
Simply chopping prices drastically for Windows 8 and Office 2013 for mini-tablets isn't going to cut it. Neither Windows 8 nor its close relatives, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, even appear on NetApplication's mobile and tablet usage reports for …
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