11 Replies to “White House Social Enterprise and Opportunity Series: Forum on Citizen-based Innovation”

  1. THE KING HAS RETURNED: OBAMA, RULER OF NATIONS The 44th President of the United States of America “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” The greatest black man… that ever lived! NEXT LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS WORLDWIDE REV. 16:16 There will be “nowhere to hide” once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The “Son Of Man” is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM. OBAMA, RULER OF NATIONS

  2. The ensemble of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in partnership with the White House Office of Public Engagement present the Social Enterprise and Opportunity Series: Forum on Citizen-based Innovation, July 3, 2012, is an inflammatory Arabic vetocracy of Special Interests of the electorate and National Interest.

  3. why don’t obama make a card for presidents to have 50% off stores goods across america for rest of his life??? A presidential discount for life card??? That would help presidents live best life in america concerning goods and services and remember their lifetime achievements as president. It would be good for all american future presidents.

  4. they can make a president teen shield and adult shield for intelligence gathering for national intelligence gathering for whitehouse. That would give younger workers a chance to get a job in national protection of president. Its good to have extra jobs for people across the nation because our country is always in a need for something. They can have congress and nato joint summit at whitehouse or other locations to vote and think on better terms solutions for future. President action must effect.

  5. how about we make we the people new bill across america and vote on next bills online. gov and send the best one to obama. That would join the electorate vote for presidential new bills, giving a chance to america people to be bigger part of president national job of American future. Lets make better changes in national security and international relationships aboard. God bless

  6. Obama if you can cancel all debt to all soldiers then you will be greatest president in history. Think about it. You give soldiers best future in america. Please consider making their dreams come true and write a new bill. God bless you

  7. Keep asking father in heaven for help. The cross has all power in universe. Everything in life can be delivered and healed thanks to the cross of Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus for help in all things. Everything is possible with Jesus, Jesus knows whole future and ends of eternity, he is already there and coming soon rapture and second coming. Its good to remind people even though world is like this, God comes again to rapture the saints and rule of beast. Jesus Christ love you forever and forever!

  8. Expel the oil mafia scum from positions of power. They have already ruined far too much of the environment. – Chevwrong . org — ChevronToxico . com — crudethemovie . com — gaslandthemovie . com — blackwavethefilm . com — priceofoil . org — EndOfSuburbia . com — MansGreatestMistake . com — InternalCombustionBook . com — StopTarSands . org — 350 . org — GreedyLyingBastards . com — Stop the Megaloads Now! Stop the ruinous exploitation of the tar sands. youtube . com/watch?v=HoKW771tG_Q

  9. WHY STOP FOSSIL FUEL USE? James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change: youtube . com/watch?v=fWInyaMWBY8 — Brutal Droughts, Worsened By Global Warming, Threaten Food Production Around The World: thinkprogress . org/romm/2012/03/07/381411/bru­tal-droughts-global-warming-th­reaten-food-production/ — Climate crisis: ClimateProgress . org — Stop the Megaloads Now! Stop the ruinous exploitation of the tar sands. youtube . com/watch?v=HoKW771tG_Q — StopTarSands . org — 350 . org

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