Who Has The Remote? Recommends Five Must-Watch Audrey Hepburn Films

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Who Has The Remote? released a list of five must-watch films featuring actress Audrey Hepburn. Generations young and old are still inspired by Hepburn and her movies. Enthused by a Vanity Fair article and the sheer quality of her acting, Who Has The Remote? recommends the following five Audrey Hepburn films for any family night.

Roman Holiday (1953): In her breakout film, Audrey portrays a young princess who has grown tired of her meticulously planned obligations. She sneaks out one night during a visit to Rome to enjoy the city as a normal girl. A reporter (Gregory Peck) finds her and shows her how ordinary people live.

Sabrina (1954): Hepburn plays the awkward young Sabrina, who is in love with the playboy son (William Holden) of a wealthy family. Her father, the family chauffeur, ships her off to culinary school in Paris, where she grows into a refined woman. When she returns, Sabrina must decide between the object of her affections or his brother (Humphrey Bogart).

Breakfast at Tiffanys (1961): In what is probably her most popular film, Audrey plays the flighty, vivacious Holly Golightly. Her new neighbor (George Peppard) falls in love with the charming Holly and becomes the only man to find out what truly lies behind her sophisticated aura.

Charade (1963): Hepburn plays newly widowed Regina Lampert, who suddenly finds herself dealing with the repercussions of her husbands illicit dealings. Alongside the suave Cary Grant, Hepburn provides audiences with a film full of mystery, humor, and romance.

My Fair Lady (1964): Ms. Hepburn is Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney girl who sells flowers in the streets of London. Linguist Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) bets a friend that he can transform Eliza into a polished, elegant lady. Eliza and Henry learn a few key lessons from one another amid all the humor and singing.

Movie lovers have enjoyed Audrey Hepburns films for the past sixty years. Fans can watch these captivating movies again and again on channels like Turner Classic Movies provided by their satellite tv provider.

WhoHasTheRemote.com enjoys Audrey Hepburns films for their quality and charm. Ms. Hepburns poise, acting abilities, and charismatic demeanor bring something special to every character she plays. For these reasons, Who Has The Remote? thinks these five must-watch films are perfect for any family night.

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