Who is JOB 2.0 – Snapping boards in Hawaii – Ep 4

Things get kicked up a notch as a huge swell rolls into Hawaii. Jamie ‘O Brien pulls out his dusty big wave board and sets his eyes on the North Shore for a ridiculous set of waves while the others head to the infamous JAWS. No chickens were harmed in the making of this film. Subscribe: www.youtube.com Watch the last episode: www.youtube.com Follow @whoisjob / #whoisjob on twitter: twitter.com First Track Track Title: Sincere Artist: New Vision Recordings/ Poison Flow Second Track Track Title: Tempted Artist: Niecy Nice
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Who is JOB 2.0 – Snapping boards in Hawaii – Ep 4

  1. TommyCantSurf says:

    secret spot probably that they didnt want to spread word of

  2. WipeoutsWaves says:

    whats up with the bleep at 8:47??? 

  3. Mw2megapro says:

    JOB= King of Pipeline!!

  4. Chay Todasa says:

    2:15 ROTFL! He woke up and was all confused!

  5. Chay Todasa says:

    J.O.B. go charge em!

  6. iiJBordz says:

    Jamie is kind of a total douche.

  7. SurfxLax says:

    crocs and camo pajamas for the win

  8. SurfxLax says:

    like if u jumped out of the way when he threw the chicken

  9. npeacy says:

    so stupid with the chicken you can et sick

  10. Skateareus says:

    Peep, at 8:48 why??

  11. srfrr says:

    JUST started respecting Dorian

  12. srfrr says:

    6:54… Reallsleee?

  13. TheNukeboy says:

    R.I.P Chicken.. fuck you bro!!

  14. fuckedfromabove90 says:

    like the 2nd part of the clip… but what the fuck about the dead chicken? zero respect?

  15. robchar009 says:

    @invAZNz haha me too

  16. invAZNz says:

    I fucking jolted out of my seat when he threw the chicken towards the camera…. fuck you man! bro….. good thing that wasn’t in 3D or i would have shit my pants

  17. raunywiks says:

    camisa do Bob Marley _|/_ T-shirt in the Bob Marley

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