Why 80% of Digital Marketing and SEO is a waste of time! (Apr2015 Webinar)

Why 80% of Digital Marketing and SEO is a waste of time! (Apr2015 Webinar)
Event on 2015-04-28 18:30:00

Why 80% of all Digital Marketing and SEO is a waste of time… and how to do it RIGHT.

Would you like to build your brand online, come higher up the search engine rankings and be found? – Of course you do.

But we're being fed a 'myth' about digital marketing and SEO.

Adam Clark, a leading marketing expert will share with you 14years experience of Digial Marketing and why you only need to focus on the winning 20%.

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save resources
  • Save wasted effort
  • Save clutter and noise.

Adam will:

  • Dispell some very ingrained myths
  • Demonstrate what works and what doesn't
  • Show how it all 'joins up'
  • Get you (re?)started with a new way of thinking
  • Ensure you can "keep going" – maintaining the momentum and energy required to make your digital marketing a success
  • Show how to build solid foundations that accumulate on historical activity rather than feeling like running uphill on an endless hamster wheel?
  • Share the top Tools for success. And how not to get too hung up on them.
  • Share his Top 5 Rules for success.


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Whether you're a solo entreprenuer, an SME or a busines up to £20m turnover you need to know this information. So much of the information out there is all about "How to do X… How to master Y"…. But doesn't give you the tools to decide whether it's actually worth doing in the first place.

We help you decide.

We want to save you a massive amount of valuable Time, Energy and Resources (T.E.R.). We want to share our experience, knowledge and expertise so you don't have to spend 14years with trial and error… or paying agencies to do your DM&SEO… or wasting money on Google Ads… or using expensive online tools.


Book Now! at only £5.00!

What am I signing up for?

This is a rocketspeed blast through the content. Get a pad… There will also be feedback sessions… and question and answer (Q&A) sessions (over Instant Message/Chat) to give people the opportunity to interact. The Ooba Creative team is on hand to collate/group all your questions, provide answers – and add as much value to the event as possible.

As the webinar unfolds, you should be able to ask specific questions relevant to you and start to get a structure for your own digital marketing strategy/plan – and be able to go back to your business with a clear and concise idea of how to move forward with your digital marketing.

Because we can deliver the seminar from the comfort of our own office, we are able to offer this incredibly powerful webinar at a great price.

We will send you the link/URL 20mins before we start – so you can access this valuable content.

This webinar is a global event. Held in English.

Anyone can join.

Book Now! at only £5.00!


 Why isn't this free?

Many seminars and webinars are free. Usually, they are free because they are provided by a membership organisation (such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing), a Government agency or by a company that wants to then go on and sell additional services at the end of the webinar. In other words, all being paid for by someone or something else and used as a sales tool.

One of the problems with the free seminars from companies is that they very rarely really give you all the information – – because they want you to then pay for the "juicy bits" later. We aren't selling you anything –  we are delivering the full information through genuinely powerful training that gets you results – there will be no bits left out and no sales pitch at the end of it. We promise !

at GROW @ Green Park
250 S Oak Way
Reading, United Kingdom

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