Why a Virginia Restaurant is Suing Google for Sabotage

Why a Virginia Restaurant is Suing Google for Sabotage
The owner of the now closed Serbian Crown restaurant in Great Falls, Va. is taking Google to court over an allegedly sabotaged Google Maps listing that he says caused a sharp decrease in customers and forced him to close the doors of his restaurant.
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Hong Kong teenager's Google Doodle unveiled to millions on search site
If you boot up your computer today and search for something on the internet, the chances are you may stumble acorss the first ever 'Google Doodle' to be designed by a Hong Kong teenager. Seventeen-year-old Wong Chiu-yung became the first person in the …
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Google's Play Store is getting a big, visually intensive makeover
Many would argue that the Google Play Store for Android is useful in its current form, but pretty? Not so much. However, there are now signs that it's going to be much better-looking — if not necessarily more functional. Android Police has obtained a …
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