Why Apple Pay Can Succeed Where Google Wallet Failed

Why Apple Pay Can Succeed Where Google Wallet Failed
Despite Apple's typically flashy announcement, the technology is really nothing new: PayPal, Square, and Stripe all have footholds in the mobile-transaction market, as does Google Wallet. Apple's innovation was not in the technology this time, but in …
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Pro tip: Install Google Play Services on Android emulator Genymotion
One issue with Genymotion is that none of the pre-baked images include Google Play Services. As Google continues to increase the power and functionality provided by this closed-source-nonofficial piece of the Android stack, not having Google Play …
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Getting rid of Google: best replacement apps for Android users
Android is an operating system built by Google but that doesn't mean that every app you use on your Android handset has to be the creation of those fine folks in California. There's a whole world of faster, sleeker, prettier apps, that don't store all …
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