Why aren't robots doing my dishes yet?

Why aren't robots doing my dishes yet?
From the cartoons that many of us watched as children, we envisioned a world where machines and robots would penetrate every aspect of our lives, where each household would have a Rosie the Robot to cook, clean, and put the kids to bed. Well, for most …
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Home robots have come a long way
I have been fascinated with home robots since I first saw B-9, the robot in the 1960s television series Lost in Space. Sadly, when the first real home robots arrived 30 years later they looked more like oversize pucks than the chunky B-9, whose …
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Telepresence Robots Invade Hospitals – “Doctors Can Be Anywhere, Anytime”
A disembodied human face hangs atop a robot chassis next to a Redmond, Oregon hospital bed (not pictured). The doctor on the screen is 20 miles distant, in Bend. But from there he is able to assess the patient and determine whether she should be moved …
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