Why CMOs see social media as just another tick-box

Why CMOs see social media as just another tick-box
As social usage levels among consumers continue to grow, there's no doubt social media offers huge opportunities for marketers. However, there continues to be little consensus amongst CMOs as to what social media can really deliver for them and how …
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Changes in social media marketing for 2015
So for any business owner that still doesn't believe social media is worth their time and marketing budget, hopefully those numbers will cure you! I can't name a single, traditional media platform (print, broadcast) that can deliver those kinds of numbers.
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The next great evolution of social media marketing
The marketing community is a broken record about the Oreo Super Bowl Tweet, but it does, indeed, serve as a predecessor to what many brands are trying to accomplish on social: real-time listening and reacting. The theory behind real-time social …
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