Why Content is the New SEO

Why Content is the New SEO
The company has made enormous improvements in its ability to (mechanically) discover the quality of the content its serves to its users. For many SEO experts, this trend has been the source of much stress — they've seen techniques that were widely …
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Why costs for local SEO campaigns vary
A question I'm often asked in the world of marketing is, “Why do local SEO campaigns vary so greatly in cost?” I see three clear types of local SEO services, and the price tag associated with each of them correlates directly to the long-term value of …
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14 things you need to know about SEO
Thurow, who recently spoke at the SMX West search marketing conference, says one assumption is that search engine friendly sites are, by default, also user friendly. Many people believe that for sites to be search engine friendly, they must use only …
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