Why Content Marketing is Effective SEO

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Traditional SEO will work for some time, but eventually a search algorithm with catch up with the technique. This could result in penalties or a de-index of a website.

Do you really want all of that hard work and money going down in flames? Jolly asked.

Recovering from a Traditional SEO scheme will cost more time and money that it takes to do it right. Content Marketing is the least expensive and quickest way to do SEO. This levels the playing field for smaller companies who were at a disadvantage to those with large budgets to spend on link building. Content will get shared naturally without the risk of being slapped by Google.

Content Marketing cost less. It is much less expensive and easier to find experts in writing, video or creating infographics. Good SEO people are harder to find, more expensive and much harder to replace. It is estimated that a budget for Content Marketing could be 10% of a Traditional SEO budget with the same results. That is significant to the bottom line and adds tremendous value to visitors.

Content Marketing is faster. Rich content will naturally be linked and shared by people who find it valuable. Adding value results in a crowd of fans working to spread a message. “Would you rather have hundreds of fans working with you or a few paid link builders working for you? With Content Marketing, the numbers work in your favor, Jolly stated.

Content Marketing is safer. Google views many forms of Traditional SEO as manipulating their search engine so websites rank higher. Google wants to provide a great user experience and to fulfill the information needs of their users. If rankings were developed through schemes, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered.

The best way to higher rankings is to provide quality content that adds value to the visitor.

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