Why Content Marketing Makes Ads Matter

Why Content Marketing Makes Ads Matter
Advertising and entertainment have always gone hand in hand. The term "soap opera" describes a very specific genre of daytime TV to the modern viewer, but believe it or not the descriptor originates from advertising, not content. Soap and detergent …
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Arm Your Content Marketing for the New Battlefield [Infographic]
The realm of customer experience, where new content marketing lives, is a little-traveled terrain. Marketers who brave it first can expect to win big with customers. "By 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer …
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Content Marketing Lessons From Hollywood A-Listers
From troubled sports agents to hyper blue tang fishes, dating experts and baseball managers, let's explore some poignant lessons I've gathered on content marketing from the most unlikely of places: Hollywood movies and their leading actors.
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