Why Deleting is Considered Unethical Online PR–Chapstick Example

A Cal Poly Pomona PR student talks about why it is considered unethical public relations to delete things online. The recent Chapstick ad controversy is used as an example. 1. Traditional media is different from new media 2. “Delete” is a synonym for “destroy” online 3. The First Amendment applies to ALL online–not just the government 4. When you post it, it is posted. Someone saw it and someone can prove it. issuu.com ——Annotation Links (They don’t work in the video)——– ChapStick Gets Itself in a Social Media Death Spiral– www.adweek.com With ads off the air, Tiger takes leave from golf– money.cnn.com ‘Got Milk?’ Pulls Its Controversial PMS Ads, Yet Calls Them A Success Anyway– articles.businessinsider.com
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