Why Do Websites Fail? Learn How Social Signals Can Turn That Around

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 04, 2013

Topsearch.ca is pleased to announce the launch of its new Search & Social Signals platform. This sophisticated platform was designed specifically to appeal to the ever-changing algorithms on Googles search engine rankings, and to help website owners increase their site traffic and ultimately sales.

By having social signals (also known as social proof and social trust) on a website, two things will occur: the first is that search engines will begin to rank for the sites keywords. This will result in having more visitors to a website. Those visitors will then notice the social proof on the page such as Google+1s, Facebook likes, re-tweets, shares and comments, that a website is trying to optimize for. Thus, if a website has a lot of these social signals pointing to it, visitors are more willing to trust and buy what theyre trying to sell.

TopSearch.cas robust Search & Social Signals platform enables a websites content, videos and products to reach an audiences (on major social sites such Facebook, Google +1, twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Reddit, to name a few) that they would never reach going through normal avenues.

The Search & Social Signals platform that TopSearch.ca has developed for its customers, searches for like-minded users in all these social networks that might be interested in what a website has to offer. A website wants its latest blog, videos and products to reach as many people as possible, so that people can like it on Facebook, Google +1 it, re-tweet it, share it and comment on it.

Never before has there been a platform that puts a websites content in front of so many people where they can socially rank it. People showing a vote of confidence on these various social networks will only help to drive more targeted traffic back to a website and increase web sales.

This is how the most successful websites on the Internet get large amounts of traffic and get them to become loyal customers. More visitors will be willing to read a blog, watch a video or buy a product because they see that people have taken the time to vote or comment on it through social sites like Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Reddit.

Social signals pointing to a website is Googles number one algorithm factor when it comes to ranking high for keywords. Thats why Topsearch.ca developed such a powerful platform for its customers. The platform is all-natural (which Google loves) so its up to a websites creator to provide the very best in content to get the social proof. Topsearch.cas Search & Social Signals platform does not fabricate social proof or social trust. What it does is give a websites content, videos or products a better chance to get in front of more people who are willing to opt-in to see what theyre offering and then decide if they like it or not on these various social sites.

TopSearch.ca is a world-class Search Engine Optimization firm. Nowhere else will you uncover the combination of comprehensive coverage, expertise to drive your content’s exposure and provide social approval. This effectively drives your search engine rankings, dramatically increases the traffic to your website, and most importantly compels visitors to become loyal customers. Now until December 31st, TopSearch.ca is offering 50% off their premium SEO package. Please call TopSearch.ca today and find out this and other affordable options.

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