Why Google Hates Your Non Mobile Website

Why Google Hates Your Non Mobile Website
Google hates your non mobile website, and has declared war on bad mobile UX, here's what you can do to fix it so that you stay in Google's good graces. Google hates you, not because you're cuter than they are or because you always sat at the popular …
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Google unnerves anti-science crowd
“I worry about this issue greatly,” said Anthony Watts, founder of climate denying website “Watts Up With That,” in an interview with FoxNews.com. “My site gets a significant portion of its daily traffic from Google… It is a very slippery and …
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UK National Lottery leads in Web traffic again according to Casino City's
Casino City's iGaming Business Directory describes more than 3,000 iGaming sites in detail and ranks the top websites overall by traffic and the top sites in each sector. The directory also ranks the top software providers, payment providers …
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