Why Google's “Ridiculous” Looking Car Is Brilliant

Why Google's “Ridiculous” Looking Car Is Brilliant
I've also seen comparisons to the Segway, and declarations that limited to 25 mph, this vehicle won't get much adoption or affect the world much. Google's own video starts with a senior expressing that it's “cute.” …
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Google Names Glass Partners for Medical, Sports Apps
Google named five developer partners on Monday for Glass apps from the medical, media and sports industries. The partners include APZ Labs, which makes Skylight, a business software app for Glass; AugMedix, which markets a service for doctors; …
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Outrage grows as Google axes some Chrome extensions
Their ire stems from Google's forced disabling of extensions that shipped with paid software that have yet to be replaced, effectively hamstringing those services. Games, financial software, third-party Windows security suites, and productivity tools …
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