Why Having a Website is Crucial to Your Business Success

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 21, 2008

Your business operations no longer have to remain within the geographical confinements. Social, economic and technological globalization has enabled us to reach customers living in the farthest corners of the world, with just a few mouse clicks. How does this become possible? With the help of the Internet.

According to a recent Morgan-Stanley report based on 2007 figures, there are around 547 million Internet users in Asia, 336 million in Europe, 211 million in North America and 110 million in Latin America, and all in all there are around 143 million active websites on the Internet. In 2006 $ 3.9 trillion were spent on retail purchases. These figures are growing exponentially as PC and broadband penetration increases like wildfire.

In all these mega figures ForeScene, a New York web design company, is playing a crucial role by continuously developing and deploying cutting-edge websites and online applications for its clients from all over the world. Its highly competent and experienced team of web designers, programmers and developers, systems analysts, graphic designers and content writers make sure that the company’s clients have a strong presence on the Internet in their respective arenas, with their state-of-the-art websites.

Interestingly there are many people who still doubt the significance of having a business website. “Our customers don’t use the Internet,” they often claim, oblivious to the fact that a website is not just to facilitate online sales. A website performs multifarious operations right from non-stop promotion, advertising, customer relations and public relations, e-commerce, information dissemination and social media awareness. Some of the primary functions of websites are briefly mentioned below.

Customer service

As a business you constantly need to interact and communicate with your customers and clients. Your customers and clients should be easily able to contact you or avail crucial information about your business on time, and you should be able to convey important messages and make announcements in a timely and efficient matter. A website facilitates two-way communication between your business and your customers and clients.

Through contact form or e-mail present on your website your customers and clients can get in touch with you with great speed without having to be put on hold upon making a phone call. Similarly, whenever there are important announcements or product launches you can publish the updates on your business website. Every message that can have an impact on business-customer relationship can be immediately published on your business website. There are no working hours when it comes to your website; your website is accessible to your customers and clients 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Public relations

This is somewhat similar to the point discussed above. Your customers and clients, and even journalists and analysts, can access your corporate literature at the convenience of a few mouse clicks. In case there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication you can immediately do the damage control through your business website. If some misinformation is being circulated regarding your company you can immediately clarify by publishing your side of the story on your website.

Many companies provide highly useful information on their corporate websites and this really boosts the public relations. For instance during the recent cyclone there were many business websites that actively published important phone numbers and contact information on their websites.

Leveraging existing, ongoing advertising

Your advertising effort should always be complemented with the presence of your website URL. You should make sure that the URL of your corporate website is prominently displayed whenever you publish an advertisement — whether to promote your business or to seek employees. People can go to your website for further information at their own convenience this way. The advertising space is limited but the space on your website is not. You can even encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list so that you can send updates to them now and then. If you are already publishing an electronic newsletter make sure that your website URL always appears in the newsletter.

Another great way of promoting your website URL is by printing it on your stationery. Your website link must be prominently displayed on your visiting cards, letterheads, brochures, mailers and folders; wherever they go they will have your website URL on them.

Making money

As mentioned above trillions of dollars are being spent on online transactions. Why not become a part of this massive economy? The greatest advantage of having a business website is that you can sell products and services all over the world from a tiny office in your basement. Doing business from a website is the quickest way of launching a new business and making money. Advanced and innovative websites created by ForeScene Web Design Company make sure that their clients reap great rewards by partnering with such a leading edge company.


Starting a new business these days is as simple as getting a website developed and then promoting it sufficiently. You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars opening an office and hiring people. Since most of the tasks are automated when you conduct business from your website there are hardly any operational costs.


These days every company worth its salt has a website. This means if you don’t have a website then your competitors definitely have one and your customers are aware of that. Your customers demand that you have a website so that they can access it whenever they need to obtain information, contact you or carry out a business transaction. They deem it highly objectionable if you are reachable only during the working hours and after that you are totally gone. Agreed, that you can’t be available all the time and this is a fact that your customers are aware of too but they want your website to be available at every hour. They consider a business extremely archaic and outdated if it does not have a website.

Tracking customer trends

It’s all about information these days; those who possess data wield the real might. Your website helps you gather critical customer data by running interactive applications on your website. Your customers can immediately give you feedback and this can help you carry out modifications, with alacrity. User forums on your website allow your customers make recommendations and interact with other customers and clients. By going through their posts and replies you can make out what difficulties your customers face and what changes they want in the products and services you are providing.

You can even conduct polls on your website and offer questionnaires to your visitors to obtain their direct feedback.

Leveraging the democratic nature

The Internet is highly democratic; it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a big business. Everybody gets a fighting chance on the Internet. A great thing about the Internet is that although money matters, it doesn’t matter much because eventually it is your website and your perseverance that opens the doors to success. Provided you are innovative and hard-working everybody can initiate a great venture on the Internet.

Projecting a favorable image

Having a business website can work wonders with your corporate image. You can gain lots of traction by having a good-looking and highly functional website. Your website layout and structure gives an indication of your attitude towards your visitors and consequently, your business. Using latest technologies and tools to create your website conveys to your target market that you are totally at ease with contemporary technologies and are ready to invest on your online visitors.

Remember that there could be thousands of people every day searching for websites similar to your website and all these websites are competing with you in terms of looks, layout, functionalities and content. Doing well in all these sphere can really boost your corporate image.

Expand your market

The world is a global village now and everybody can participate. Stop being confined to your local market and reach out to the global market. It is as simple as launching a website. To an online customer it doesn’t matter if you are sitting next door or in another country or on another continent; he or she can simply log onto your website and carry out business with you within a couple of minutes. You don’t even have to open a local office.

On the Internet there are no barriers. People running businesses online experience the true freedom. There is no bias, there is no discrimination and nobody can particularly create hurdles. By having a website, especially a website created by ForeScene, a New York-based web design company, you can be sure of being in the driving seat of your destiny.

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