Why Internet Marketing Sucks & How to Turn Your Resume into an ATM

Why Internet Marketing Sucks & How to Turn Your Resume into an ATM

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17 thoughts on “Why Internet Marketing Sucks & How to Turn Your Resume into an ATM

  1. QUESTION: How do you get in touch with important business people? For example, lets say I have been working on this great website idea for awhile and there is tons of potential to it. How could I get in front of Google, Facebook, or Adobe to pitch to them in hopes of getting them on board to help upscale everything? 

  2. I work in this field, it does not suck, but it comes with a price 🙂 Hard fucking work, shit that clients throw at you, undersleeping to fulfill your commitments…there is never an easy way to succeed 🙂 But what fun would that be huh? We are not whinny lil bitches but man! :)

  3. Hey this is Ankit from India I guess i am the only pua from my country, love your stuff man thanks, my question is or my problem is that i take massive risk for short period and then i stop taking any risk or take small risk till the point iam fed up. Can you advice for consistency Thanks 

  4. Tip number one should have been to network. That should probably be the only rule. Your resume can be awesome, and have a bunch of qualifications, but its going to be in a stack with a whole bunch of other peoples resumes. You need to know someone on the inside of an organization to bring your name up to have a serious look, doesn’t matter if its for costco, police departments or wall street investing firms. If you want doors to open you need a key, and thats a person inside the organization, not a fun resume. 

  5. Nothing is outside of reality. You can all create your own reality… People that succeed in life have to BALLS to go after what they want… you are the master of you, only thing is one must be able to find it within. 

  6. I see there isn’t much of a difference between a retail business and an internet business. But isn’t the Internet designed to create leverage? Shouldn’t it take half the time to set up an infostructure than it is to setup a retail business? I feel as if the internet is designed for automation but before you can automate a system you need to work the system manually first to get a hands on. Anyways, great video.

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