Why Network Marketing? DId you catch Oprah show on network marketing?

Free Training: http://strategicmarketinggeek.com/mt In this show Oprah interview Robert Kiyosaki as he talks about ways to boost your income without picking …
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24 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing? DId you catch Oprah show on network marketing?

  1. I’m not going to provide a link about getting rich. Just advice. Don’t do Multi Level marketing. Invest. Keep your car for at least 10 years. Stay Frugal. Listen to Clark Howard or visit his website for good investment ideas. Don’t play the lottery. It’s a waste of money.

  2. This is a video that EVERYONE should watch once per week on Monday morning to focus their week. Keep doing it until you can almost repeat it from memory. THAT’S when it will be ingrained deeply enough. And if you are feeling economically disadvantaged (especially if you are under age 30) and don’t know which home based business to launch, then go to SUPERSELF.INFO and pick the appropriate tab. I truly endorse it. Call me after you’ve watched at 864-268-5300 if you’d like to know the extra secret.

  3. Fuck people like him who sell promises of wealth with books and starter kits. I consider myself a good person but I truly mean it when I say people like him are worthless pieces of shit. Pro tip about life people: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS EASY MONEY.

  4. some sacrifices of your lifestyle have to be made to save money…thats a start!.. quit buying starbucks and smoking.. do the math on that..that will get you $300 in two weeks..

  5. Network marketing is truly the way of the future. However, a lot of companies teach OLD strategies. Subscribe to my page and learn to leverage the internet to turn a huge profit.

  6. Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad says First step to becoming Rich…Set-up a #Homebasedbusiness. Great interview with Oprah. A must see if you are consider a #directsellingcanada opportunity.

  7. I´m in network marketing and now i am able to travel for free because of my company and also make alot of money. If you want to know what i do and are intressted, send me a massage.

  8. An amazing tool for Network Marketers. Oprah Winfrey Interviewing Robert Kiyosaki regarding his book rich dad poor dad which then transfers indirectly lower cost investment in network marketing. A simple case study also presented in the interview which validates the networking industry. Anyone who is actively involving in the network marketing can use this as a tool to sponsor people. Enjoy the video. Share and like.

  9. My retirement is set … I found a unique way to “Pay Yourself First” Anyone can turn their day to day expenses into income – I did it, you can too! 

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