Why SEO still has a place in a content driven world

Why SEO still has a place in a content driven world
You must show an understanding of how people search for content if you're going to stand a good chance of competing with other sites in the SERP's. All of the basic principles of good on-page optimisation still apply, more than I think many people give …
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Relax, The Search Industry Is Doing Just Fine – Search Engine Land
Google can't fill the entire SERP with ads, can they? (Maybe don't answer that one….) A quick glance at the data in our analytics package might seem to confirm our suspicions of cannibalism, but we need to dig a little deeper. With the release of iOS …
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"Fifty SEO Ideas", Favorably Reviewed On 'Good Reads', Announces JM Internet
SERP Rank – Check search engine results page (SERP) rank across target keywords. YouTube SEO – Create a YouTube channel and SEO optimize YouTube content. Social Media Profiles – Create social media channels and backlink to websites. Guest Blog …
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