Why the Street trusts Facebook more than Yahoo

Why the Street trusts Facebook more than Yahoo
Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg had similar problems last week but gave Wall Street starkly different answers. And the choices the CEOs of Yahoo and Facebook made speak volumes about their companies' futures. Both are sitting on huge piles of …
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Amazon and Google's rumored moves may be ill-advised
Amazon is setting up a retail store in a San Francisco mall for the holidays. The company has confirmed a report from GeekWire on Monday, which said that Amazon will open a "pop-up" store in San Francisco as well as one in Sacramento. The news is the …
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The Stigma of Men's Makeup
When Yahoo Beauty editor-in-chief Bobbi Brown was hired todo Mike Tyson's makeup, he told her, “You ain't touching me with that stuff” when she opened her makeup kit. Later in the day, he finally let her put some powder on his face. Brown convinced him …
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