Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty ? Google Translate Says Never

Silly Google Translate Bug Suggests Justin Bieber Won’t Reach Puberty More Details : www.snaphow.com

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17 Responses to Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty ? Google Translate Says Never

  1. ahmed kader says:

    ジ 😛 LOOL

  2. xboxgamer959 says:

    your confusing me, viet to english, viet to japanese, japanese to english, please be more accurate

  3. Omskanielar says:

    Mine said “Justin Bieber reached puberty”… how boring. Some time ago, it worked and he never reached it, but now?? -.-‘

  4. Arceus5555 says:

    Tried it and now it says after I do it “Justin Bieber hit puberty”

  5. xMileyCyrusLyricsFan says:

    Omg -.- Everyone can that trick -.-

  6. VideoBeanProductions says:

    try this one: translate from vietnamese to english is justin bieber a girl and it says he is!

  7. VideoBeanProductions says:

    now it says that he did

  8. TAZTONIK35 says:

    Translate from English to french “is justin bieber gay” then transalte the french result back to english, The truth is revealed.

  9. Rasmus348e says:

    translate this to russian: bvpvbvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpv bvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbvpvbv. that´s what i call bass!!!

  10. triplepogi2009 says:


  11. megadriver6 says:

    Try this: 1) English to Japanese 2) Type “Is Justin Bieber gay” 3) Japanese to English 4) Laugh and agree!

  12. DisturbedDood119 says:

    1) English to Japanese 2) Type “cunt” 3) Put the Japanese words back into translate 4) Japanese to English

  13. yanikeuhhh says:

    now it says justin bieber hitted puberty >_> fail they updated FUK U JB!

  14. sharksthatdrown says:

    it’s funny it says justin bieber will never fuck

  15. sharksthatdrown says:

    i’ve got a funnier one that i found 1) Type in “will justin bieber ever get laid” no quotes 2) English to Italian 3) Copy & paste the Italian words 4) Italian to English 5) laugh hard

  16. Fastguy397 says:

    They changed it. It’s now: “Will Justin Bieber reach puberty?” -> “Justin Bieber đạt tuổi dậy thì?” -> “Justin Bieber reached puberty?”

  17. crashspain6 says:

    I got Justin Bieber reached puberty. Google translate just lied to me

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