Will Yahoo! Die?

Will Yahoo! Die?

www.lockergnome.com – Now that Yahoo! has named Scott Thompson as its new CEO, many are questioning the future of the company. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here: youtu.be www.lockergnome.com profiles.google.com twitter.com www.facebook.com
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22 thoughts on “Will Yahoo! Die?

  1. I hope Yahoo continues. I like their email client, news and Flickr. We need alternatives and competition to Google and Microsoft in the web space. Maybe another company will take over and redesign Yahoo.

  2. haven’t been to yahoo for ages. Only check out yahoo answers somewhat frequently since its usually amongst the top results that pops up in google when i type a question.

  3. One of the most difficult things that I’ve come to learn about organizing a group of offline people, is getting them to sign with an online group (especially if a lot of them are a little less techie than the rest of us). In experimenting with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo I’ve found Yahoo to be the most user-friendly and interactive format for setting up an online forum. Though, I do like Gmail better, as far as groups go, I think Wicket has good reason to be upset.

  4. I only use Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Mail. I would hate if Answers went away (even though I dont use it as much) and mail (since I’ve had it for 5 1/2 years). If it does die, I probably wouldn’t care as much because I use my Gmail more than Yahoo.

  5. I like yahoo mail, new and answers. I think they should lay off and let their users call each other poo poo heads or whatever without hassling them about it, that would help.

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