Williams Commerce Today Announced Their Increased Range Of SEO Services

Leicester (PRWEB UK) 20 December 2012

Williams Commerce, providers of digital marketing and multichannel ecommerce solutions, today announced their increased range of SEO services available to clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps businesses to boost their websites ranking in Google results for specified keywords. These keywords are determined by the type of business, what they sell and who they provide to, and whether the website has been established for a number of years or is completely new.

Williams Commerce has always offered their customers an SEO service, knowing the necessity of the craft to any digital marketing campaign. Head of Search Marketing, Clare Brace, commented, Most of the time businesses hear the phrase SEO and tune out, but they shouldnt. Research has shown that online advertising just doesnt work anymore, and businesses should put their money into other strategies, such as SEO. It provides them with visitors possessing an existing interest in their services, far more likely to convert into customers because of this interest. Weve increased our range of SEO services to offer customers with both large and small marketing budgets a high quality service giving them the results they want, when they need them.

The increased range of SEO services from Williams Commerce come in the form of an expanded selection of packages. The company can now offer low cost SEO services to websites with small digital marketing budgets, meaning even companies with a low turnover can benefit from moving up the Google rankings.

Many businesses pay for online advertising to increase website traffic. However this traffic can be low quality due to the advertisements being inefficiently targeted, resulting in a high visitor drop-off rate. SEO increases the amount of organic traffic a website receives, meaning visitors will easily convert into customers, having searched for something the website specifically provides.

Williams Commerce provides multichannel ecommerce and digital marketing solutions. They have a wide range of services which have grown even more with the addition of several new SEO agency packages, offering a broader range of services to accommodate any digital marketing budget.

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