Williams Commerce Today Announced Their Increased SEO Services

Leicester (PRWEB UK) 20 December 2012

Williams Commerce, providers of digital marketing and multichannel ecommerce solutions, today announced their increased SEO agency services are now available to all customers.

Online advertising saw a dip in effectiveness through 2012. A recent article in The Economist detailed how more and more users are downloading free Ad-blocking software which stops advertising from even reaching their screens. Seventy percent of online users, thats 180 million worldwide, are using this software to avoid bombardment from advertisements on every webpage they visit.

As a result, online marketing campaigns are markedly less effective, resulting in many businesses re-thinking their digital marketing strategies. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, increases the position of a website in Google search results for certain keywords or phrases. SEO is far more effective at increasing website traffic than online advertising, generating visitors with existing interest in the product or service the website offers, with far reduced bounce rates than clicks generated through popups or banners.

Williams Commerce provides SEO to a range of companies, and has succeeded in increasing their organic traffic by huge amounts, in some cases as much as eight thousand percent. Head of Search Marketing, Clare Brace explained the popularity of SEO campaigns, Weve seen the effectiveness of online marketing drop over the last year through the campaigns we ran for our customers. Comparatively, SEO produces organic traffic for a website, meaning visitors who werent tricked into clicking on a link or Google result. Weve increased the range of SEO agency services we offer to customers, appealing to businesses with large or small digital marketing budgets. Depending on the competition SEO can aid a websites rankings on certain keywords from as little as seventy five pounds a month, becoming more effective with the more money they put into it.

Williams Commerce provides digital marketing and multichannel ecommerce solutions to businesses online. They have increased their range of SEO agency services, offering them to a wider range of customers that previously couldnt afford an SEO campaign. Low cost SEO can be effective for keywords with little competition, but for the larger keywords or phrases a website will need to invest more to get on page one of Google results, where almost 90% of clicks take place.

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