Willy Porter and Robbie Schaefer

Willy Porter and Robbie Schaefer
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Willy Porter

It's been a few miles across America, Canada, the UK and Europe since Willy Porter released his debut CD, "The Trees Have Soul" in 1990. Back then he traveled in his Volkswagen selling discs out of the trunk, mesmerizing audiences with his guitar chops and original tunes. In 1994, he released his second independent CD entitled, "Dog Eared Dream." The album marked Porter's artistic growth from his constant touring and a more developed songwriting perspective. The song "Angry Words" became a top-10 staple on Triple AAA radio stations around the country. This radio success established Porter as a nationally recognized artist, and brought the inevitable major label bidding war to a boil. "Dog Eared Dream" highlighted his pop songwriting sensibility and also his acoustic guitar work that would grow into a style uniquely his own — a mixture of Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Richard Thompson and Lindsey Buckingham. He would ultimately sign with Private Music/BMG in 1995. European and American tours with Rickie Lee Jones, Tori Amos and The Cranberries followed over the next year and a half. Private Music went super nova in 1997, and Porter was left in contractual limbo with BMG. Porter regained momentum in 1999 when he signed with San Francisco-based Six Degrees Records and released the folk-pop gem, "Falling Forward." Produced by Grammy winner Neil Dorfsman (Dire Straits, Sting), "Falling Forward" contained the radio friendly tracks "Mystery" & "Cut the Rope." National tours commenced with legendary artists Paul Simon, Sting, Jeff Beck and Jethro Tull. In 2002, Porter brought seemingly disparate elements together on his eponymous self-titled disc, "Willy Porter." The album combined his fiery acoustic guitar work with career defining songwriting and vocal work — equal parts rock muscle, and folk-based intimacy. "Willy Porter" showed his growing vocal talents as he sidestepped through various character songs with power and detailed subtlety. In 2003, the solo live album "High Wire Live" would further forge Porters' relationship with his growing audience. It clearly showcased his mastery of the acoustic guitar in his most comfortable environment — his live show. He continued to stretch over the next couple of years morphing performance art, live audio looping, and improvisational sketch comedy into his solo whistle stops. Each tour date became a unique event, a musical experience much greater than just a review of past, present and future recorded work. Porters' combined experience at both major and independent record labels ultimately fueled the drive to release a wider variety of music on a more frequent basis, and led Porter to start his own imprint, Weasel Records in December 2005. His latest release, "Available Light" (Ryko Distribution), features Porter at the peak of his powers as a guitarist, singer, songwriter & recording artist. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, recently described Porter's musicianship this way: "Willy Porter's music demonstrates admirably that the technical excellence of his guitar-playing will never overwhelm the essence of the song itself. In perfect symbiosis, the disciplines of performance and songwriting combine together to create the unique work for which he is admired by professional peers and audiences alike. Oh — and a damn fine singer too. Thank goodness he doesn't play the flute." Porter, 41, lives in Milwaukee, WI and is married with two children.

Robbie Schaefer

Robbie Schaefer’s mom thinks he’s really great—In case you haven’t spoken with her lately, Robbie Schaefer is the guitarist and songwriter for the acclaimed independent folk/rock band Eddie From Ohio. Although the indie model has become increasingly common in the music industry, Eddie From Ohio actually helped pave the way, building a fan base through relentless touring and grassroots marketing beginning in 1991. Having created a large and loyal following across the U.S. and Canada (the mailing list now tops 25,000 names), the band has also released 9 CDs, selling upwards of 150,000 copies, all on their own Virginia Soul Records. In recent years Robbie has also turned his musical attention toward solo projects, (releasing In The Flesh, a live solo album, in 2003), composing and recording the theme song for the theatrical production Gulf View Drive (by New York playwright Arlene Hutton), which premiered at the Actor’s Co-Op in Hollywood, CA in 2006, and releasing his first CD for kids and families, Songs For Kids Like Us on Rocket Pop Records in 2006. The success of Songs For Kids Like Us led to a wealth of opportunities for Robbie, culminating in his arrival as Music Director at XMKiDS on XM Satellite Radio. His show, “Robbie Schaefer’s Stuck In A Real Tall Tree,” airs Monday-Thursday at 7PM (EST) / 4 PM (PST) and Saturdays at 10 AM (EST) / 7 AM (PST). A new solo studio album is planned for release in late-2008 with John Jennings (Mary-Chapin Carpenter, John Gorka, Catie Curtis) producing. Robbie’s mom is currently clearing space on her CD rack for the multiple copies she plans to buy. Lastly, Robbie Schaefer’s mom would like you to know that his favorite color is red, his favorite food is sushi, he’s really into yoga and all that woo-woo spiritual stuff, has excellent hygiene, and an affinity for olives and espresso that borders on the abnormal. Oh, and he just adores it when she yells “I love you Robbie” at his shows.

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