Windows 7 vs. Linux Mint 12: HTML5 Performance (Bitmap Gaming Test)

Windows 7 vs. Linux Mint 12: HTML5 Performance (Bitmap Gaming Test)

HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is a core technology of the Internet. This test proves once more that …

22 thoughts on “Windows 7 vs. Linux Mint 12: HTML5 Performance (Bitmap Gaming Test)

  1. 66TheRetard already confirmed the authenticity of this video by getting 24 FPS on Lunix on the same hardware while screencasting (actual score is 35 FPS). Self ownage. Thanks for proving that Windows 7 blows your garbage OS on your own PC. LOL.

  2. Yeah, and if so, what of it? That’s why Linux and dickheadbuntu and all its subsidiaries and distros are so enticing to people. That’s why the user base is a bunch of fag magnets with scrotal pubic hair burns on their asses.

  3. @lienucksfails2 lmfao..i first i was like HAHA! it finally won! then i realized he disabled hardware acceleration and i facepalmed so hard i broke my fucking nose LMFAO

  4. Actually there is a number of professional software that runs on Linux: – Guitar Pro – Bricscad – Houdini – Bibble – Indigo Renderer Also its more than a hobby as Linux is widely used in corporate environments for servers etc.

  5. @BattlePikeQueerLucy Probably the part were HTML5 is more than just a rendering benchmark. If a full suit of tests is ever done on HTML5 via Phoronix or some other legitimate benchmarking site then I’d completly agree with you.

  6. I think, why not learn a language a little to a lot better before you start making comments, because all I understood is that you are some retard who can blue screen windows. I have tried to blue screen my system (with normal computing activities) and have never been able to. And, you’re right. You should not just try OS X, but stay there, if you’re that fucking retarded.

  7. i feal sry to tell you something guys, first i use windows and linux so i work with both systems.. i play on windows and work on linux linux is so much fucking faster if i have to do sth like install some DNS server or apache…. i won’t play any fucking game on linux therefore, windows is way better to play… and what i love most on windows = “BLUESCREEN”….. so i think why not try MAC OS X????

  8. @313hummer All of the retarded 30 year old moron’s videos are glitched too on Mint 11, even more proof that this guy is a maniac and a dumb troll. He still hasn’t figured out that Mozilla has his GPU black-listed by default. The guy is beyond retarded.

  9. @Nothing48919 Rendering? What are you smoking, dumbass? HTML5 and its features are designed to make it easy to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the web without having to resort to proprietary plugins and APIs such as Adobe’s Flash, etc. As you just saw in this video, Windows performs much better while handling HMTL5, but I understand: you’re a mad Lunix fanboy who cried himself to sleep last night. LOL. And just for the record: Tomshardware uses this test regularly.

  10. Firstly it is called “Linux” not “Lunix” its in idea to spell check before you post anything. Also Intel doesn’t provide graphics drivers for Linux so you are using generic graphics drivers on the Linux machine. But your using OEM drivers on the windows machine which perform much better than generic drivers. Therefor not really a fair test. I suggest that you redo the test but using a NVIDIA graphics card instead as OEM drivers are available for both Windows and Linux.

  11. Yes, windows is excellent for rendering games. I have it installed on my gaming comp. But for work I only use linux. I can’t have my spice simulations going to hell everytime windows has a hiccup. Especially when I run a TCL script that takes all night to only have it crashed by the next day. So I’ll let the gamers game on windows and the professionals use Linux (like most web servers and engineering firms). I’ve been using Debian (Lenny to Squeeze) for 2 years and it has never crashed.

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