Windows 8 – Beginners Guide Part 1 – Start Screen & Charm Bar [Tutorial]

This video tutorial shows those new to Windows 8 the basics needed to get around the new Windows 8 user interface. The Windows “Start Menu” has been replaced by the “Start Screen” & “Charm Bar”.

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21 Responses to Windows 8 – Beginners Guide Part 1 – Start Screen & Charm Bar [Tutorial]

  1. TheJaminator128 says:

    This whole interface looks like it’s severely limited as to what it can do. This is way too suited to the casual user. I use my pc for more than just internet, apps, and photos.

  2. shawnwade302 says:

    Hope windows 9 gets hers quick cause I won’t buy a windows 8 pc

  3. David Wong says:

    MS needs to make two versions of win8, one for touch screen , one of non-touch screen

  4. ByaTsuke says:

    There really is no point in hating. It’s just that the start menu is a metro menu now, much more touchscreen/tablet friendly. It is also slightly faster than WIndows 8 in terms of resource usage and boot up time.

  5. Rupesh Kafle says:

    hey guys!! you want to use windows8 store paid appp for then visit w ww. for info and hacking tricks for windows plz visit guys it’s really worth… 😀

  6. Grimmy X says:

    Thank you for your help. Now I can use my new computer better!

  7. Burn Schauerte says:

    So we started with one style since Win95. Got used to it and NOW they decide that some-how, confusing us makes for a better O.S. What a lot of backward thinking. I am not used to typing in words to find things such as Desktop or files or programs. If I never used a computer before, those words would not be in my vocabulary. So no new buyers, eh? I found this video by accident. AND I got a desktop because I wanted one. That means no touch screen. So use “mouse”. Happy with XP RU insane?

  8. sansaviera says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I couldn’t find all the normal stuff I could get to easily with the old start menu. I also couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to close something I opened. Windows 8 stinks.

  9. bmnbl says:

    Very good tutorial. But that just confirms what my first impressions were about Win8: NOT FOR DESKTOP PCS!!!! Microsoft really mess this one up :S and if they begin to “force” Win8 on people im moving to OS X (because i need Adobe…) and Linux is not there yet im affraid.

  10. Digby Dooright says:

    Very helpful tutorial. I dont have a problem with Windows 8. I have a touchscreen laptop and it’s kind of fun. But what I DONT like is the fact that Microsoft decided to put out ANOTHER new operating platform, Now EVERY computer that comes out has to have Windows 8 installed on it. Why cant we choose what platform we want? It’s a pain to reformat with Windows 7. UGH!!!!!

  11. Stephan Onisick says:

    nice demo-exploring new features

  12. musardus says:

    give me back the start menu. you micro-faggot-soft

  13. kelvin254kk says:

    Windows XP= Good, Windows vista = poor, Windows 7 = good, Windows 8 = ???

  14. Gonzalo Miranda says:

    G00gle. Com android

  15. gajoftheworldisss says:

    4:02 or just start typing

  16. Ken Smith says:

    A video showing how to switch it back to the Win-7 GUI would be shorter and much more useful. Computer purchases are way down in part because people don’t want to be stuck with Win-8. Also these tight economic times have caused many to either stay with what they have or try out something like a light weight distro of Linux running on oldish hardware. When they discover that the things they really need the computer for all work and all they lose on is the number of games, they often stay.

  17. jpozenel says:

    Very poor new operating system. Equally poor instructional video.

  18. TheDarkAngelOfEarth3 says:

    O. I know I figured that out eventually I just have a lot of crap on my computer (duuuuhh)

  19. Terence Marcelo says:

    it does

  20. TheDarkAngelOfEarth3 says:


  21. Andrew G Poi says:

    If you know about computers Windows 8 was a easy transaction. The hot keys for getting around are the same, just more people didn’t use them.

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