Windows 8 Concept

This is a concept.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Windows 8 Concept

  1. robbertvdd says:

    “Should HAVE”, not “should OF”. Anyway, for those interested: The waterfall on the wallpaper is Seljalandsfoss in Iceland.

  2. Davis Smith says:

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  3. georgik57 says:

    no, this should of been 8.

  4. Lukas Münzing says:

    No, but some people Like u, dont get it, that the new UI is perfect for the Normal consumer, because its Easy to use, inovativ and coo.

  5. IMarkovic1995 says:

    This isn’t the YouTube national anthem.

  6. Gabriel Ramirez says:

    Hola oye no sabes como puedo hacer que mi windows 7 se vea así? donde lo puedo descargar. Hey hey do not know how I can make my windows 7 look like? where I can download.

  7. Gabriel Ramirez says:

    de hecho windows 8 no es para pc ni laptop es para tablet y ademas esta bien chida la interfaz metro yo me acostumbre muy fácil

  8. lance1040 says:

    este windows se veía verdaderamente prometedor lindo enserio con la basofia que sacaron con la metro es horrible la vercion oficial de windows 8 prefiero comprar esta 1000 veces mejor ojala fuera real

  9. Davis Smith says:

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  10. iLimeyjuice says:

    Please rise for the Youtube national anthem.

  11. Petr Mařák says:

    Too bad that Windows 8 is not so :-)

  12. Winosreviews says:

    Windows vista is even better than this

  13. Winosreviews says:

    Windows 7 is even better than this

  14. Winosreviews says:

    Once you know all the features in windows 8 you wouldn’t be saying that

  15. esref1379 says:

    more beautiful than the real Windows 8

  16. Devin Lang says:

    it is a consept. not real.

  17. Devin Lang says:

    this is a lot better then Windows 8

  18. Neilx14 says:

    No shit sherlock

  19. Jimmy Scionti says:

    i desperately want this ç.ç

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