Windows 8 Installation Problems (…and News You Can Use)

Windows 8 Installation Problems (...and News You Can Use)

Watch our iPhone 5 Unboxing: Facebook to Provide Easy Access to Developers — Do You Approve? cellhelmet Screen Protectors Offer Screen Replacement Guarantee The Killer of Innovation: Patents Windows 8 Installation Problems Can Be Avoided Is PC Gaming Really Dying? Little Printer: Rebirth of the Hard Copy What is a Luxury Phone? Pirillo Vlog 120 — Diana Can’t Eat Every Snack Have you tried GoToAssist? https === NEWS Amazon Glacier: Archival Storage for One Penny Per GB Per Month Is Windows Getting Cheaper? Google Play Gift Cards to be Sold at Target, GameStop, and Radio Shack They Finally Made a Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike! === QUESTIONS On, bboyhurricane writes: Is there any way that I can connect my iPod touch to display on my PC running Windows 7 without jailbreaking? amphitheres via YouTube writes: Flash is nowhere near dead at this point. I’m watching this YouTube video in Flash right now, and the best games on the Internet are all made in Flash. Flash is still everywhere, and HTML5 still has yet to take over. What do you think? On, rrm74001 writes: What is a good answer when an employer asks you: “Why should I
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23 thoughts on “Windows 8 Installation Problems (…and News You Can Use)

  1. This is completely untrue, Chris covers a range of operating systems, clearly the one he prefers to use himself is OSX, but he doesn’t speak badly about other systems.. just gives his opinions, after all, you’re watching this video to hear Chris give his view on things.

  2. for mike, as long as all of your applications run well and stable on windows 8, and you have a way to activate it after the 90 day period is up, i would go for it. thats just my opinion.

  3. hey Chris, I have installed the windows 8 90 day trial. I am now thinking of removing windows 7 from my other HDD. and use this win 8. untill the retail is available. Would this be a good idea? or am I making a mistake.. thanks, Mike

  4. Your overwhelming sense of self-importance is…Well, it’s actually almost entertaining. As for the relevance of your videos – almost wholly unfounded. Get back in the locker.

  5. But what is it gonna print on, that little printer?! where can you get such little paper to feed in to it…?!?! BTW great video and please keep up the good work!!

  6. hey chris its a good idea to have a touch screen with the computer naggating it is crazy hard to nagagate with out one also you might whant an ssd and a newer prosere because it you dont it will take forever to install

  7. @Kerns0Phoegon you have no idea what you are talking about. Steam has a system to connect youtube to steam, not a system for steam to host the videos. They are two very different systems, and you know it. Second you don’t know what file format HTML 5 uses. At the current moment HTML5 uses the H.264 codec, in other words it uses MPEG-4 (mp4) for the video format. The same format that you can download your own videos from management page. So youtube doesn’t even really need to be converted.

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