Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible

Own this music: Check out the article here: Before you get too far into this… Let’s correct our error. During the search rant (around 4:00), we missed the other options below our search bar. We were doing it live like O’Reily and totally missed the “extra options” below search. However, the point still stands that you have to do more work to get the same results you would have gotten with Windows 7. In fact, when you search for say, printers, Windows 7 would suggest several things and it would categorize them. This forces you to look through each category. It’s a major step backwards.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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21 Responses to Windows 8: It’s Almost Not Terrible

  1. martianlynx says:


  2. Jonathan Walker says:

    I love Windows 8, but I will agree there is room for improvements.

  3. Kian Mottaghi says:

    lol these guys are just idiot and dont now how to use the new os

  4. Agorsan says:

    Windows 8 is the worst os out there the problem is theyare thinking of using this setup for windows 9 -.-

  5. J Black says:

    I’ll stick with 7 and keep this on mobile. Does anyone else agree?

  6. Junior Midence says:

    Hey Microsoft Rep. Get the hell out will you? No one wants to hear your smart ass comments. Seriously. If you like windows 8, great for you. Go use it and leave us alone.

  7. d delexandruz says:

    used it for month’s and finally got sick of it. The metro is useful for tablets, touchscreens, or just pc’s connected to lcd tv’s. In windows 7 i never used the menu but rocketdock, but when i switched back to windows 7 i actually started pinning everything in the menu and no more rocketdock. It’s actually a lot easier and faster in windows 7 menu than windows 8 metro which in metro you have to waste time scrolling back and forth finding what you are looking for.

  8. Steve Bergman says:

    Reference, please? The stats show that in 2012 4% of people chose Windows phone, 15% chose iOS, and 75% chose Android when they were making their phone decisions. This is from the IDC report on the topic. Apple was maintaining enough of an obscene markup that they were still making the most money. But that markup has necessarily dropped at this time. Android dominates the market with 75%. Unix dominates the market with 94%. Windows phone is the “dominant” component of “other”. LOL.

  9. Steve Bergman says:

    You’re still not making either semantic or grammatical sense. Please try harder. BTW, I didn’t mark your post as spam. And besides, it takes several people to mark a post as spam before YT considers it to be spam. Though if you do post the same comment too many times on YT then the automated antispam system will mark it as such. LOL.

  10. Snowwie88 says:

    Best tip: Install Windows 7.

  11. martianlynx says:

    You’re over-exaggerating yourself! 20 clicks? its just 3 clicks!! Hover your mouse to the “top right corner” > click settings > click “Power Button” > click “Shutdown” or “ALT + F4″… To go to the Start Metro > hover “Left Bottom Corner” and click!. To go to Control Panel > hover “top right corner” > click settings > click Control Panel!!

  12. 55mihael says:

    Microsoft you made bad yob

  13. PhoenixCanDo says:

    Haters will be haters … OK. Self appointed vacuous, venomous and vapid experts.

  14. TheTomber16 says:

    8 just sucks…

  15. skljom says:

    still doesn’t make me use it, you know, when you scroll up down on the mouse you go LEFT RIGHT ? like wut? When you want to turn off pc, you need to click 20 times to find shut down button.

  16. mjrGamersUK says:

    Win 8 well if you have a i phone/ pad etc, but not a pc. I hate win 8 I will keep to win7 thank you.

  17. Sebbepojken says:

    4:12 How about pressing the down arrow key once to select the Settings filter? That’s one big ass hoop to jump through!

  18. realamztvs says:

    I use Windows 8 for a lot of things…especially for gaming and I check my mail after 2 or 3 weeks so you are wrong…

  19. martianlynx says:

    You’re JEST! It’s very easy to comprehend that… Everybody knows that for FACT. But keep trying as if you know things how it’s being Developed, and you’ll get there… by the way, just because my previous post was marked as a spam that doesn’t mean I could do the same thing to you..

  20. tomVODUZ says:

    You’re* Dumb fuck.

  21. ThatScottishGuy2010 says:

    fucking hideous

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