Windows 8 on a Mac! (…and News You Can Use) Remember to visit each of the following LockerGnome links below and leave a worthwhile comment on all of today’s articles for a chance to score that Amazon gift card I referred to in the video. Microsoft Tells Me a Password Isn’t Enough — What Do I Do? How to Get Windows 8 (and More) Running Great on a Mac Bing Maps Vs. Google Maps FreshBooks Vs. QuickBooks Apple Vs. Google: Who’s the King of Advertising Now? Dog Training Tips (with Technology) Google Glasses: Could Glasses Plus Augmented Contacted Lenses Be a Replacement? How I Got Apple to Replace My Old MacBook Pro for a New Model What Happens to Shared Online Accounts in a Divorce? Pirillo Vlog 129 — Lipstick on a Chris Have you tried GoToAssist? https === NEWS Samsung Confirms That It Will Sue Apple Immediately if It Releases an LTE Device Google, Apple CEOs in Secret Patent Talks HBO Brings Streaming-only Service to Europe Oracle Quietly Releases Fix for Serious Java Security Bug — Months After It Was Reported === QUESTIONS user benwatkinsart writes: How do you deal with headaches? At, Compucore writes: Do you prefer
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  1. kostas limniatis says:

    nine backgongt

  2. mosolo solo says:

    KILL YOURSELF watch?v=3e4Pg2lC09s

  3. Davis Smith says:

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  4. Jeremy Bontemps says: HelloWindows est la première communauté francophone dédiée à Windows 8 !

  5. Presto418 says:

    Watching this heats-up my laptop..

  6. gehax says:

    try in russian or similar language (chose your native language or english for instalation than for password chose one word phrase in some of the languages that are not your native or english)

  7. MarvinsC0mputerH3lp says:

    again no offence chris

  8. MarvinsC0mputerH3lp says:

    no offence not blaming but you would have had a right install if you just simply restarted your computer

  9. Rohith Basu says:

    Chris u shouldn’t blindly address ur viewers as ‘regular’ people without knowing them personally. Just saying

  10. DiamondChrome42 says:

    lol if you’re hacked you’re hacked no matter the password strength, it’s all in the power of the best firewall service!!  super firewall = access denied

  11. PinkiePielulz says:

    Chris what do you think of adblock?

  12. Bruce Wayne says:

    This biased fag keeps popping up in my recommended videos.

  13. madshauer says:


  14. Bruce Wayne says:

    You’re a faggot. This is my attempt at hurting your feelings. I hope it worked.

  15. Darren Silk says:

    You can blame users for problems As a lot of users are the cause of computer problems. Like for example I know of many instances where people have got viruses on their computers due to looking at pornography. Simple cause; the user looking at virus riddled pornography sites. They obviously didn’t care for as soon as they get it fixed they’re back saying; oh got a virus again. So not only have they ignored advice and proceeded to go on there again. Try and tell me that isn’t a user issue.

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