Windows 8 Operating System Review

Windows 8 Operating System Review

I do a quick overview of Windows 8 and thoughts on why I believe Microsoft is still a strong player in mobile and desktop operating systems. How to Fix Windows 8 – Surface Tablet Review – To get the latest on my work follow me on G+ or Twitter Google+ – Follow me on Twitter –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Windows 8 Operating System Review

  1. 89770ful says:

    @XxAlesanaFIRxX go back to windows xp with all curves

  2. jamesdelany12 says:

    Problew u cant have 2 windows opened so thats gonna be tougj for me if im doin commentary

  3. taylorringo says:

    how is the Xbox gaming portion? good? bad?

  4. Snorri Agustsson says:

    I really hate that what’s up guys thing he does.

  5. Elder Redirection says:

    hey havent i seen this before cogh cogh launchpad on mac cogh cogh

  6. GlitchShark says:

    i am a gamer. I don’t watch Netflix or Facebook or whatever I hate touch screens and find things you say are convinant pointless. That’s why i don’t like windows 8.

  7. MrSugabutt says:

    You forgot about Bing and Zune. lol. It’s actually pretty neat and modern.

  8. Ocarina1488 says:

    Apple seems to be obsessed with squares too, a hell of a lot of portable apple devices since 2007 have had a bunch of ‘squares’ all over their home-screen…

  9. Mr MaxxuM says:

    Metro is fine for tablets, but for many professionals it gets in the way. Microsoft loves to add steps to get to the less used functions too, making IT professionals have to dig for often used functions. That’s just the nature of the beast. What works on tablets doesn’t necessarily work on desktops and vice versa. Gamer’s will find some of their pet peeves unfixed too (screen re sizing still is an issue). Overall, I give Windows 8 a 9 for effort and a 5 for their end product.

  10. danusty says:

    about the netflix thing, it’s just a program you install on your PC and get’s you access to netflix contents. has nothing to do with win8 and someone having to use their browser to access their “dead” flash media website

  11. danusty says:

    you know how you can quickly access anything in your PC without going through all the trouble you mentioned? make desktop shortcuts. do you wanna arrange them? make a folder and put those shortcuts there. simple! and i didn’t need win8 for that.

  12. zHSVClubby says:

    wtf, he is complaing about loading apps from the start menu, have you not heard about desktop shortcuts!

  13. nevermindmeatall says:

    As a long time mac user ( fro past 12 years now ) I am actually thinking of ditching the over priced mac and go back to windows. I am definitely getting the surface pro once is out, and then when my mac dies will see :)

  14. aFLYER1980 says:

    looks good on a tablet – for PC nooooooooooo, i have to many work files on my desktop. Plus windows 8 is kinda designed for you to buy extra products widgets ect….

  15. jorge242 says:

    You can’t organize the start menu in Windows 7?

  16. R Pat says:

    may I ask what background you’re using to your desktop mode? How did you get the weather bar?

  17. 011azr says:

    it looks ugly and rigid for some reason. not modern like 7. but the booting is so great, less than 5 secs. I’ve tried the pro 64bit one.

  18. Paulo Pavačić says:

    it sucks, very bugged… microsoft wont solve any of my problems :(

  19. Michael Molina says:

    4:28 right clicking all those things are available by right clicking. New version takes way to much space…

  20. Michael Molina says:

    Ummm… what the hell is with your windows 7… Loading an app is all complicated like that… Ever heard of icons? you know those things being used from windows 95-Vista?

  21. Kerone Creary says:

    how do you categorize the tiles?

  22. orezeht says:

    Nice review, but bad point at the start using facebook as an example. if windows 8 is handled anything like the new facebook updates then that spells bad news for windows 8 from a business point of view as well as for it’s likability among consumers lol.

  23. BeautyWithMC says:


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