Windows 8 Pro Operating System Review

Nicolas11x12 reviewing Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Pro Operating System. Manufacturer: Microsoft Edition: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit English More Information: My Hardware Unboxing Channel:

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  1. windows 8 is actually better without the start button menu. The metroUI is extremely nice and easy to customize for accessing your applications and files fast. Just hit the MS button and you have metro up. Until metro has serious apps like visual studio, office, photoshop running with in it, it wont be taken too serious, for now. There were a few games running in metro which utilized the directx 3d api. I think we will have to wait for windows9 which will probably be full metro no taskbar.

  2. I used windows 8 rtm enterprise evaluation and came back to windows 7. There is no performance difference between the two. Windows 8 is windows 7 with a sleek html UI running html applications. Almost all metro apps i have tried is also available as stand alone installs for windows 7. The metroUI is really intended for tablets. I went back to 7 for the media center to watch tv using tv tuner. MS moving from windows 3.11 to 95 was a big step in innovation same with 98->xp, xp->win7.

  3. I’ve tried everything to like Windows 8. You can do hacks to boot directly into the desktop. Everything requires more mouse clicks. You just can not just copy things into program files and MANY programs/drivers don’t work.because of this security feature. It’s difficult to reach programs and find them trust me. I WILL SAY, The games are FASTER. There’s something in the back-end that works much better with 8 core CPU’s and ATI graphics. Especially for SWTOR.

  4. I’m staying with 7 ! Soon buying new extreme laptop and removing default drives(s) putting in my current running 7 drive ! Fuck 8 ! Hacking to redesign 8 soon !

  5. This OS would be useful for a tablet (MS Surface), but as a PC OS, it’s useless IMO. I don’t like the ‘Metro UI for PC’ idea at all. It’s not Windows any more. Nice review though.

  6. I just upgraded from XP 64 to Win 8 few days ago. Used XP (32 and 64) for 9 years. I could’ve EASILY of stayed with XP, but … it was time. Plus I needed DX11.

  7. Finally a good honest review. Windows 8 is great. People just hate change and will QQ first chance they get. If you are in a postion to cry about how you don’t like the OS then you must be in a postion to learn some shortcuts. Its WAY better, easier, and smoother. Yes, on a desktop.

  8. i have used 10 LINUX distributions and use xp vista and 7 but this 8 is only good for tablets or touch screens not for the desktops or laptops …….i hate win8 seiosuly and most of the feature are take from LINUX so its pointless to buy it or even use it

  9. I honestly love windows 8, it’s very fast, but if you check for windows 8 reviews you will see a pattern of love hate. That is what windows 8 is going to be, it’s change and some will love it and others will hate it. I think if they marketed it as a variation of 7 and not a replacement then it would do much better. But now for the question we all want to know the answer to will windows 8 finish xp? Answer windows xp is just too good to die fully

  10. Nice overview Nic! Whether we like the new look or not, a lot of us will have to become familiar with Windows 8 if it’s installed on school or work computers, and you’ve given us a useful introduction.

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