Windows 8 Pro price slashed to £45

Windows 8 Pro price slashed to £45
An upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 Pro had previously cost £190 inc VAT, but is now being advertised for £45. Oddly, that means it's cheaper than the standard Windows 8, which is £99, and also cheaper than an upgrade from …
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Windows 8 swells to 2.7% of OS market
Of course, Windows 8 is a different type of operating system — one designed for both touch-screen tablets and traditional PCs. As such, it's naturally going to face challenges trying to convince existing PC users to ugprade and new tablet buyers to …
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Chrome hits 17-month low, Windows 8 still only creeping upward
Good news for Internet Explorer, but rather more mixed news for Windows 8. Microsoft's new operating system is growing, but not fast. Its share in February was 2.67 percent, a rise of 0.41 points on a month ago. This makes Windows 8 bigger than any …
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