Windows 8 RTM Hands-On Available today, Windows 8 RTM can be downloaded by those apart of the TechNet or MSDN subscriptions. The only changes that we’ve encountered between the Windows 8 Release Preview and RTM is a couple design-based changes that include the removal of Aero and adding new features to Account Personalization. There’s also one new feature that cannot be demonstrated, which is Window-To-Go which allows you to install Windows 8 on a flash drive and boot it from anywhere. === http
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  1. My Computer is not on the desktop by default on Windows XP, Vista and 7 also! If you reinstall one of these by yourself, you will see 🙂 You can find everything by moving your mouse in right bottom corner to bring the charms, then select Search. You can search files, settings, programs, even search through the installed apps. Windows 8 is great, it has almost everything what Windows 7 has, except the Aero Glass theme which I miss. And it boots rapidly.

  2. Windows 8 has aero as I also have the released version that you can get at a store, purchased Ultimate. Windows 8 is very bad, no I’m not talking about the OS I’m talking about how you get your software. If you’re a game developer and use say the CryEngine or Unreal you’ll realize when you download and try to launch you’re greeted with “Sorry, this was not signed by Microsoft. You may only purchase software from the MS Store” Now that’s not the exact dialog..but it’s bad.

  3. Windows 8 rtm is good minus the heap of problem i face. Whenever i put a dvd in, some kernel security BSOD comes up. Try to mount an iso. same error. try other virtual disk tools: same error. games run terrible. Windows 7 rtm was much better. Hopefully the retail is not the same (which i doubt).

  4. well, I’ve had almost no problems with compatibility regarding win8. It’s only been a few games that either don’t work, or don’t work as they should. However, in respects to other programs, if they worked on win7, they work on win8. The couple that didn’t, just needed to be changed to win7 compatibility mode.

  5. The RTM Eval version of windows 8 Enterprise is retarded. You can’t install windows live because you need framework 3.0. And you can’t go to Microsoft’s site to get it. Because apparently they no longer support you actually downloading it for their site anymore.

  6. wait for Public release. These versions often have bugs that are being cleaned up for the public release. Day one it will only cost $40 dollars making it the cheapest version of Windows ever.

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