Windows 8: Share The Love

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14 Responses to Windows 8: Share The Love

  1. Alan Peto says:

    The painting app is called “Fresh Paint” made by Microsoft.

  2. GianCBaldonado says:

    0:17 He looks like Ralph Macchio.

  3. Veluma Martins says:

    A Brazilian singer, Mallu Magalhães <3

  4. Paul Edlund says:

    The app is called Fresh Paint and it’s free in the store!

  5. mortaldeth416 says:

    Windows 8 is complete garbage… got it the other day I’ve already found multiple bugs. It looks like they spent more time on the touch screen marketing nonsense than actually improving the software. 5 years later and they still haven’t fixed the excel glitches.

  6. tyaf630 says:

    here’s the thing, I have a windows 8 laptop- a Samsung Series 5 which is awesome, but can it do more than a tablet? I’m guessing yes…right?

  7. Felipe Bruni says:

    “Highly Sensitive” by Mallu Magalhães

  8. The100Nossao says:

    Mallu Magalhaes… Brazilian Music… own Mallu i love U

  9. Brandon Espinosa says:

    BTW mildly offensive to endorse cheating, or the fluidity of loving someone.

  10. Brandon Espinosa says:

    For the hand full of people who saw the ‘TV Bars’ its happens when they animate the screen sequences to make them appear faster in transition and opening apps and such and no one double checks their work, kinda like windows 8. It wouldnt make for a good commercial to watch 30 sec. of a laptop thinking and trying to open a picture. So they cut it all out.

  11. Fanis Babaloukas says:

    that 70%-80% is Unix doesn’t make it a independent system. It is Unix just with another face.

  12. Eduardo Bautista says:

    Linux is not the same thing as Unix…

  13. testmonkey0687 says:


  14. Lukas Treigys says:

    song name?

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