Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

When I had some free time to take a look at Windows 8, I realized that I couldn’t be impartial. The thing blows, and in this cartoon illustration, I show exactly why. Contains naughty words, and graphic employee ID card violence. My background is in tech journalism and B2B tech marketing. I’d love to produce one of these videos for your company – contact if you’re interested. I also do live video in the Austin area.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

19 thoughts on “Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

  1. Windows 8 fans crack me up: It’s “awesome” because it can do everything Windows 7 can after a half a billion trick, add-ons and changes – and anything in-convenient about it makes the user stupid or an idiot.

  2. Very funny and accurate review. PS. Next time windows makes a new OS, do what i do… wait about 3-4 years before upgrading 😉 by that time you will have at least 2 expansion packs (mostly bugfixes) and you will have more clues on how to operate it 😉

  3. I honestly got 6 minutes through this and came to the conclusion that you are probably an idiot and had to close it. Your voice is horribly irritating and you appear to have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. do the exact same thing in windows 8 and i’d love to see your face when you find out that it does the exact same thing it would do in windows 7 or xp. the face of embarrassment that wishes you were the ‘fucking abortion’ instead. go swim in your ignorance dickwad

  5. Im sorry but this video is ridiculous. I can’t see how anyone could have problems figuring windows 8 out at all, unless you are a bit slow minded. Ok windows 8 has a few problems but none of them are what you are ranting about. It is very clearly just your ineptitude that is holding you back. When you say that it wasnt that you werent used to the conventions of the operating system, is a complete lie !!! anyone who has a bit of background knowledge could have done everything you failed to do.

  6. If you know how to use it hen it certainly does not suck. People are just lost in a completely new OS and don’t know how to get around it. I blame Microsoft for not ‘teaching’ new users how to use the system, that is why many seem to dislike it.

  7. Dude, I’ve been using Windows since 3.0, and I’ve been building and debugging computers and software since probably before you were fucking born . Windows 8 isn’t just not for “dumb” people, it’s not for anyone. What’s wrong with the Start Menu, and why is Microsoft so horrified by it? With Win7, I can hit the windows key, type three letters, and launch any fucking application on my computer without even touching the mouse. It’s a lesson in simplicity. Windows 8 is a fucking abortion.

  8. Yeah, I could not figure windows 8 out, I don’t own it and never will but I tried it out for a few hours and it never got easier, I even looked up instructions on youtube and blogs. I think it is easier and more productive now to install Linux and use it than it is to learn windows 8. It is also cheaper. Those who cling to windows 8 because they have used windows in the past need a lobotomy.

  9. Windows 8 isn’t that bad, it takes getting used to but a lot of the problems identified in this video are caused by a lack of willingness to change from the old ways to the new ways – you say you taught yourself Linux, perhaps you could teach yourself Windows 8 before discussing it at length? You certainly wouldn’t be review a 1990s Linux distribution in the first thirty minutes of picking it up without research beforehand…

  10. Wow, you are every marketing departments dream. Quote: ‘If something is new, it is not a piece of shit.’ So nothing that is new is a POS? Is that what you’re saying? I think you are in the extreme minority on this, the general consensus on windows 8 is it is a POS.

  11. I did figure out one method for closing programs from the Metro interface… Alt-F4, going back to the Windows 3.1 days… yes, it works… but only if you happen to be an old fart that remembers those days…

  12. Well I just ordered a new laptop for work and guess what OS it has (I asked for one with win 7 but they said they only had 8 now) looks like I’m in for a fun time…

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