Windows 8 – The New Kid on the Block (2) !

Windows 8 – The New Kid on the Block (2) !
Event on 2013-01-14 16:00:00

October 26 was the official date for the release of Microsoft’s most effective operating system yet – Microsoft Windows 8.

This operating system is revolutionary and is considered to be a major milestone for Microsoft’s in regards to the shift from in-the-box computing to cloud computing.

Additionally, Windows 8 is set to come in three magnificent formats using low energy rescources. As PC's move away from the standard PC format and into Smart Phones and Tablets, the touch screen and quick to access application demand, Microsoft have hit the right spot.

If you are thinking of buying an iPad – STOP!

Windows 8 is set to change the way tablets are used whilst providing ease of use and versitility into the future of Cloud Computing.

As a Microsoft Technet Partner – RES Info-Tech is pleased to announce the launch of a series of awareness seminars aiming to introduce the latest technology released by Microsoft. Starting with the the superb Windows 8 Operating system,  our first seminar will highlight the new changes PC users should expect from Windows 8, the new cool features available and the new integrated services available.

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