19 Replies to “Windows 8 vs. iPad feature-by-feature”

  1. windows 8 looks awesome imho, surface looks very cool, and i’m definitely going to consider it for my next tablet, the ipad is very limited, you can’t really do anything productive on it, it’s more of an entertainment tool, which i’m tired of, IOS has gotten a bit stale, and i’m hoping they change it soon, apple is mainly for image-conscious buyers

  2. Are you guys blind !!! Can’t you see that windows 8 looks awesome and is at the same time more intuitive. Sorry to say that iOS seems to be a retard in front of windows 8. When the tiles are moving , it looks almost effortless and the idea to make them live tiles so that , just a glance could tell you the info needed is itself revolutionary.. If Steve jobs were to be here he would have thrown away his ipad and bought a windows 8 😉

  3. Yes it can, BUT the desktop will always run inside the Metro UI, so essentially it’s a W7 desktop emulator and it doesn’t have the start menu that we all know and love, which is a pretty crap idea to be honest.

  4. desktops and tablets are far too different to have the same OS. this is going to fail bigtime i know i will avoid it at all costs. even if it means switching my desktop to a mac. i love my ipad but i dont want it as a desktop. in fact its useless wtihout a desktop. just call it iWindows already

  5. It can be configured and set up so it does not use Metro, and basically looks not much different to Windows 7. It just needs to be set-up for a desktop computer. I personally looking forward to obtaining my copy of it…

  6. I am using Chrome in Win 8 to type this, running on an old Acer 6291 laptop. Note: Didn’t have to buy new hardware to run new O/S. Our company develops software, without even a recompile, all works flawlessly on my Win8 laptop. While the metro interface took all of 20 minutes to get used to, I find it far more intuitive than the old “Start” menu. I’m not a gamer – I use a computer for business. A Win8 tablet, with desktop, will be a HUGE productivity win – for many, many business users.

  7. If I ran a business I wouldn’t over charge to the fullest extent when you’re a company as large as apple is. There’s a difference between charging enough to make good profit and charging to the fullest extent just to screw their customers over. And apple should easily be able to beat the specs on this tablet considering they’ve been in the tablet market for a good amount of time. Their funds and team of talented people can easily create something amazing but they don’t.

  8. you already forgot about the attachable keyboard w/ trackpad? Listen I got an iPad. I didnt want to buy one but I got it as a gift.I didnt want one because I saw its limit one use and saw it more of an expensive toy to get envy of your friends, which is nice. Now with this, I dont need to take a laptop with me and I can still show off a fancy tablet that actually has usb/hdmi ports. Having a tablet is pure luxury, why not have one that has more bang for its buck?

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