Windows Hackathon at Princeton University

Windows Hackathon at Princeton University
Event on 2013-02-15 19:00:00

TL;DR: Windows Hackathon02/15-02/17 in Sherrerd. Build apps for the fastest growing apps platform in the world and win tabletsXbox bundlesphones and gift cards

Facebook event:

With over 60 million licenses sold and over 35,000 apps debuting in just over a month, Windows 8 is the fastest growing platform in the world today. In Windows Phone 8, you have a serious player in the world of smartphones with over 100,000 apps available for download. Are you excited about the immense opportunities available to you courtesy these platforms and their explosive growth? Do you get excited about building apps for mobile or tablet devices and win exciting prizes? Then you're at the right place!

Microsoft is proud to host it's second annual hackathon on campus at Princeton University this Spring. Build apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 and win awesome prizes such as tablets, phones and Xbox bundles (see details below). Onsite expertise will be available to get you started and help demo the apps! There will be snacks and food going during the entire weekend! Every app that demos automatically wins and you are eligible to submit your app to the Windows Store immediately! 

Come join us and RSVP now!


Best Windows 8 App: Win8 Tablet(s) (Microsoft Surface RT, Samsung Ativ 500t)*

Best Windows Phone 8 AppWin Phone 8 device(s) (ex. Nokia Lumia 820/920)*

Best Princeton-specific App: Xbox 360 Bundle(s) (Console + Kinect)* and Student Design Agency credit for 200 posters to advertise your app on-campus

Best Designed App: Xbox 360

Honorable Mention: Office Suite, Windows 8 license, XBox games

All Apps that demo: gift-card

*maximum of 2 to be given away for teams of 2 or more.



7pm – Event starts, do introductions

8pm – Platforms for Building Windows Store apps

8:30pm – Overview of Windows Phone 8

9pm – Idea pitch & feedback – optional for those who might already have ideas in mind and want to find teammates interested in joining them

9:30pm – Brainstorm ideas & form teams

12am – Snacks!



9:30am – Breakfast bagels & talks:

10am – Building Windows Store Apps with HTML & JavaScript

11am – Building Windows Phone 8 Applications

6pm – Dinner

12am – Snacks!


Lightning talks: These will be short 10-15 minute talks that will occur approximately every 2 hours throughout Saturday starting at noon. Topics may feature things like Azure Mobile Services, Bing Maps API, and Window 8: Charms and Contracts, but will be adjusted dynamically depending on the interests and needs of the teams.



3-5pm – DEMOS! Beginning with a keynote by Dan'l Lewin '76


Dan'l has spent more than 30 years in Silicon Valley as an executive leader for companies including Apple Computer Inc., GO Corp and NeXT Inc. He is currently the Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business development at Microsoft and heads the company's operations in Silicon Valley.


Dan'l will talk about his move from Princeton to the Valley and helping to grow some of the most iconic companies of our time, including NeXT Inc., which he co-founded with Steve Jobs.


5pm – Dinner & prizes!

Development Environment

In order to develop apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, you will need the following:

For those looking to install Windows 8, we have the following options:

  1. Friend 016:
    We have reserved 16 machines in Friend 016 for the duration of the hackathon. Friend 016 machines will have Windows 8 VMs and Visual Studio Express 2012 for you to use to develop apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Please let us know before or at the start of the event if you would like to use this option.

  2. Windows machines:
    You can get a Windows 8 license (for free!) using the DreamSpark program hosted by the CS Department at Princeton. The software is available to CS Undergraduates (BSE, AB, and PAC), CS Graduate students, students currently enrolled in CS courses, and faculty in the department. OIT does offer Microsoft software to all students at a discount and you can find out more information at this link:

    Windows 8 is available for download for free from our Microsoft DreamSpark site:

  3. OS X machines:
    For those using OS X on Mac devices, we recommend the installing Windows 8 with BootCamp. To get a Windows 8 DVD and license, please follow steps outlined in Option (2) above.

It is recommended that you set up your development environment before the event begins to utitlize the weekend to hack away. However, we will have experts at the event who can help you through the process should there be any difficulties.

Helpful Guides:

Windows 8 for Developers

Windows Phone 8 for Developers

at Sherrerd Hall (Third Floor)
98 Charlton Street
Princeton, United States

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