In 2008, John McCain decided Sarah Palin was more qualified than Mitt Romney. Why? Louie Ludwig is the creator of this ad and is solely responsible for its content. Music: “Those Days” (Instrumental) From the album “8 track” copyright 2001 Louie Ludwig/zzi music ISRC USWGE1100605
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13 thoughts on “Wink

  1. The fact that Romney is moving up in the polls is a true indication of the complete failure of the Pres’ reelection campaign. Romney is worse than W for America. Why is team Obama doing nothing to get boots on the ground?

  2. Quite a good angle. May I suggest another? Romney contradicting himself in left-right pairs for the first part, then “What does Romney really believe?” The answer would be a pastiche video of Romney Clips saying “Vote for me so that government of the corporations, by the lawyers, for the richest 0.1% of Americans, shall rule the earth!” Everything Romney says is a lie, but I think this is the truth he will NEVER speak–without the “help”.

  3. It was at least 100K a year. According to one of those forms he filed that had ranges. Apparently 100K or more was the top range. The actual number would be in his undisclosed returns.

  4. I wonder if Mitt’s records from 1999 – 2002, aside from showing tax shelters in Caymans, Bermuda, etc. also show what his salary from Bain was during those years when he was signing documents as CEO.

  5. well it’s definitely gonna be shared with mine, I’m sending it to a few bloggers (can’t guarantee they’ll blog it but hey it’s worth a shot). By the end of his presidential campaign Romney will be singing that old line from House of the Rising Sun: “Oh mother tell your children, not to do what I have done.”

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