Winning a Facebook Contest with Social Media

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Earlier this month, Adam Lambert-Gorwyn entered a Facebook contest sponsored by Iceland Naturally. By submitting a photograph, he and his wife were selected as finalists to Win a Honeymoon in Iceland. The winners will be chosen based on having the most likes on their dedicated photograph page. See their entry here:

Adam has decided to see if social media can help win the contest. Rather than focusing purely on sending messages to Facebook friends, he is taking creative online approaches. Sending out this web-based press release is just one method.

Why has Adam decided to put so much focus and effort into winning this contest? My wife and I both lost our jobs after we married and were unable to go on our honeymoon. Lambert-Gorwyn said. A few months later, their house went under foreclosure. Their married life didnt start out well. Adam tells us This is our chance to finally go on our honeymoon to a dream destination.

As a Professional Online Marketer, Adam decided to take this opportunity to create a social media experiment. With a limited number of Facebook friends, could other social media avenues help increase the number of visitors and associated votes? There are the obvious sites such as Linked-In and Twitter, but how about utilizing Quora, Empire Avenue and social bookmarking sites such as DIGG?

While thinking about how to promote his Facebook entry on YouTube, Adam stumbled across The site is filled with people who will perform a multitude of tasks for $ 5. Whether its writing your name in sand on a beach, or drawing a caricature of you, there are also people who will create videos and place them on YouTube. Today, Adam is awaiting delivery of his videos, which he will then share through online media, including his own website

The nuances of the experiment are being tracked. Which phrases generate the most traffic? Are shares or retweets better quality? And how often can you like your own entry before people start ignoring your posts? Will Google or Facebook advertising be most effective?

Once the results of the contest have been announced, the effectiveness of the social experiment will be released on

In the meantime, take a look at the Iceland Naturally Win a Honeymoon in Iceland competition. Please place a friendly vote for A Snowy Wedding and help prove that using a variety of social media can help dreams come true. Place your vote here

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