Winterthur exhibit showcases UD professor's research on maps

Winterthur exhibit showcases UD professor's research on maps
10:14 a.m., April 22, 2013–A new exhibit at Winterthur Museum highlights the research conducted by University of Delaware faculty member Martin Brückner, focusing on the important part that maps played in everyday American life from the 1750s to the …
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MI6 Safe House: Did Google Maps Reveal A Secret Government Location
London Loves Business spotted a most curious building on Google Maps, as a construction in central London appeared to be marked on the map as an "MI6 safe house." Government agencies like MI6 — the British version of the CIA — often use hidden …
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Wonderful public lands maps organize knowledge of New Mexico
Map geeks live in Albuquerque's North Valley. Their home is a modest suite in an even more modest one-story brown stucco office building on North Fourth Street. Even the sign for the Public Lands Interpretive Association is modest. Fourth Street is …
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