Wisconsin high school boys rank female classmates in bracket

Wisconsin high school boys rank female classmates in bracket
“There were girls' reactions saying, 'I don't feel beautiful anymore, I guess I'm not bracket material,' [and] that really hurts me,” says Claudia Carlson, a senior at Sun Prairie High. “The girls are personally offended, and they don't realize how …
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American Express and Discover Credit Cards Rank Highest in Customer
A recent survey from Credio showed that Discover and American Express credit cards rank the highest among Americans in customer satisfaction. The survey also revealed which credit card companies scored the lowest. In Credio's survey, Discover had a …
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Microsoft's diversity efforts rank among the highest in the S&P top 100
CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella may have put his foot in his mouth during his appearance at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, when he advised women to “trust karma” rather than ask for a raise. His remarks taken in a vacuum seem …
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