With Apple Watch Release, MBLM Highlights Its Brand Intimacy Study Ranking Apple as Most Intimate Brand

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, defines brand intimacy as an essential relationship between a person and a brand, that when achieved has been proven to result in improved business performance and lasting value. Apple Watch, described by Apple itself as its most intimate device, epitomizes this new paradigm.

MBLMs annual flagship Brand Intimacy Study, which examines how to create, sustain and measure ultimate brand relationships, in 2014 ranked Apple as the gold standard in brand intimacy and 10 times more intimate than the number two ranked brands. Additionally, with the release of the Apple Watch, MBLM expects Apple to further its lead as the worlds most intimate brand.

Our company was founded on the promise that personal devices such as the Apple Watch, will usher in an era of pervasive, integrated and intimate technology, says Mario Natarelli, MBLMs managing partner. We look forward to seeing the impact of such innovative technologies on companies and the way they approach marketing in general. We strongly believe that brand intimacy is about to enter its next phase of evolution.

To further MBLMs commitment towards understanding brand intimacy, the company is launching Dearly in May 2015, an Apple Watch app enabling users to remain in constant touch with loved ones near and far, as well as fielding an ethnographic study of real users of Apple Watch. MBLM will also launch its next Brand Intimacy Study in September 2015. To download the 2014 Brand Intimacy Study visit this link.

About MBLM: MBLM is the Brand Intimacy Agency, dedicated to creating greater intimacy between people, brands and technology. With offices in 7 countries, our multidisciplinary teams help clients deliver stronger marketing outcomes and returns for the long term. To learn more about how we can help you create and sustain ultimate brand relationships, visit the company website.

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